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Currently Working On....

Post by TBC on Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:24 pm

This is where I go to discuss what I am currently working on. This will help me be organized and also give me a good checklist on stuff to do XD

  • Give assignments to everyone in the forum
  • Make a "Fixed bug" section in the forum
    • This can also be done by someone else, if they would be so kind. In the Alpha Bug Reports section I always update the threads when I fix bugs. 

  • Make a "Completed Tracks" thread in the forums
  • Draw all necessary window icons for Viridian City so they work at night
  • Make any necessary tileset changes for Viridian's release
  • Populate Viridian City
  • Start Route 22
  • Fix Meowth so he is in the right battle position
  • Take out the old battle graphics for Agatha/Oak
  • Not sure what else XD

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