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Post by TBC on Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:07 pm

Hey doods!

     Just wanted to get this out on the forums, too. You can find the Facebook Note for this ------> HERE. For you tl;dr people, Big Cow Productions is on a semi-hiatus(meaning just a light work load) until about January. I'll explain more below.


The General Explanation

     So life has been very busy for the team and I as of late, with Kvagram having moved across the country(still in Norway lol) and starting work after college, Meepmeep's college ramping up, life for Shiro getting busy, and both work and personal life for myself adding a lot to my plate. All of this culminates into a much needed break for myself and the team.

What I'm up to

     Personally, my break is to catch up on life and making a solid routine. I've been working on losing weight and getting more active lately. I'm now down a total of 62lbs(28.12kg for you silly people Smile Razz ) from my starting weight. I've been ramping up the physical activity where now walking to and from work every day(a mile each way) is now normal for me, and I'm trying to make working out in my apartment building's free gym(so epic) a regular thing.

     On top of that, I moved into my apartment in May, five months ago, and haven't unpacked everything Mad Embarassed Neutral  But that's more indicative of the last 8 years of my life where I haven't lived in one spot for longer than 14 months. I've never felt the need to fully unpack since I'll just move again. But I signed my lease here for another year! First time in almost a decade where I will be somewhere for two years.

     So yeah. I'm trying to work out a good routine for myself and organize life while my team is in their busy times. Unfortunately, this does mean more of a delay for the demo. BUT! I'm still working on it Smile The hiatus just means it'll be a knowingly slow-work period until about December.

The Demo

     So where does that leave the coming update? I'm pushing up the bar for the public update to include the finished Viridian Forest, but Pewter City will still be unpopulated. That is, aside from Flint. I have posted a To-do List <----- Click that for the FB post on specifics. I'll also make an announcement thread on that, too.

     As of right now, Viridian Forest is actually finished with NPCs, multiple trainers(with some day-and-night) and a quest in there.  There is more planned, of course, but for now it has a good depth of content there. But, I do want to get some more done before pushing out the update release, even though I'm holding back some of what was planned.

     Especially with my laptop completely dying, that has set back progress and stuff as well. I've had to dust off the archaic hot steaming pile of garbage that is my last laptop and had to get 9 months of Win10 updates out for it and do damage control for lost files. While the laptop is useable, it's VERY bad. I literally have Edge open with 4 tabs, RPG Maker XP for Gen 0, and 'Skype Preview', and the laptop still froze for a solid 46 minutes straight. With Christmas coming up and the expenses that go with it, and my current Patreon standing, I may be able to have a new laptop by February. I'm hoping. As of right now, I'll only be able to save up for the laptop with Patreon funds, and out of the monthly amount I get, $60 or so is already taken out a month for the Dropbox, Hootsuite and Slack subscriptions. I'm hoping Patreon can get off the ground a bit more, or just once I'm out of the Christmas/birthday money drought, I'll be able to dump my own money into it.

     However, I still have debts I'm paying off and such. Balancing bills and savings is not fun >.> but yeah! Given that I still need to work 40+ hours a week and Patreon isn't far enough to let me cut down to part time at work(that's the plan if I can get up there so I can do content creation full time), there is a hiatus right now while the team gets life in order and deals with the busy-ness of the season.

But don't fear! Work is still being done, and I'll keep you guys in the loop as things are updated of course Smile

Thank you so much for your patience and support.

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